This new book release in California by Dennis W.C. Wong details the story of his
mother’s journeys in search of refuge and a brighter future.
The Apricot Outlook of Katherine Koon Hung Wong is the story of his mother Katy, written in her own words recorded in her elderly years. A Chinese-American resident in Hawaii, she had gone on many trips over many miles to escape from the difficulties of life to search for greener pastures.
As she looks into her past to tell her story, her son Dennis also goes on a journey with her through the history of their family. After first sharing it with his family and friends, he now wants to tell her stories to the world.
This short yet emotionally weighted biography includes black and white photos of Katy and her then young family. It also has a section about Mr. Wong’s first visit to China, which describes how he traced his maternal roots thanks to his mother’s stories.
This book is a treat for people who love reading memoirs as well as taking a look at the past through the unique, genuine perspectives of people. Join Mr. Wong and his mother Katy on a true trip through old memories.