Ode to thy Apricot

No one is truly self-sufficient. The need to establish relations among peers is a part of life’s constant dynamics. Every so often, the only way for people to achieve intrinsic gratification is for them to explore extraneous possibilities. Navigating through life’s intricacies by means of kinship, especially within the family, is a valuable asset to behold. Ode to thy Apricot is a representation of how relationships fashion a man and his capacity of finding happiness within himself.

 This is the author’s bestowal to his wife, whose by chances brought them towards a life of shared history, color, and sensual intimacy. This is an ode to the lives that they have both created as they are the purest joy that the world has ever offered him then. The past, and the memories that were brought forth by a siblings’ bond is also a tribute etched within these pages. But crucially, this poetic narrative is an offer of peace within himself, whose fulfillment’s were a product of embracing these affinities. This compilation of poetic narrative is meant to display the contradictions that life has offered for the author. Both his gains and losses are portrayed side by side through rhymes and lyrical means.

 The whole book is visually entertaining because of the supplementary illustrations found to describe the pieces at hand. But for others, this may not be the case as visuals may result in distractions alternately. Rhyming patterns are seen to be predictable but are also easier to assort for readers. Collectively, appreciation is in order for Ode to thy Apricot as it was able to reflect realistic portrayals of life, in the context of marriage, children, and even death. This is highly recommended for audiences out there seeking for terse but inspiring reads.