readers' reaction

James Chun

Honolulu, Hawaii

“This book is like a diary and easily understood. So written realistically and not flowered up.”

Carolina Monntoya

Fort Washington, Maryland

“The way she worded her thoughts was what I thought was interesting”

Niki Munoz

Simi Valley, California

“Fantastic tribute…nice that you didn’t edit her style of speaking.”

Roy Jeanes


A wonderful project by a son for his mom This biography is written by the son of a Chinese-American woman, and it’s based off of conversations Dennis had with his mother, the titular Katherine Wong. Chronicling her childhood, the hard labor she grew up with, and her difficulties and moments of joy, this is trying to understand your parent at a whole new level.

Cathryn Elwyn


Moving, touching, and sometimes heartbreaking Dennis Wong shared that this book started as a term paper for a Psych class, and it’s amazing how far that paper has come, being transformed into a full-on book. It’s both gentle in its treatment of the subject matter and unflinching in its search for truth. It also offers a chance to understand a different culture.

Desiree Abrahams


A revelation As somebody with Chinese ancestry, I know how hard it can be to talk to your mom, let alone write a whole book about her. I’d be running for the hills! But Apricot Outlook is so lovingly written and filled with so much candor, it may just change my mind about that. It’s a great way to understand why some parents are the way they are, the family drama, and how it is to navigate two cultures at the same time